WIKI Five-0


"I don't answer questions"

Wiki Five-0 is a FREE, easy-to-use online resource guide that gives everyday citizens access to what the police count on you not knowing: Your Rights. This includes access to Federal and State statutes, posters, directives, and up-to-date and relevant court decisions on topics ranging from Constitutional Amendments to laws from each of the 50 states, such as trespassing, obstruction, and stop-and-frisk.

Wiki Five-0 is a proud member of Americans Against Qualified Immunity, and our site will always be free to use. Unlike others, we believe that freedom is not for sale, and access to information that could keep you from being arrested shouldn't be hidden behind a $4.99 pay wall. We are not former police officers who want to turn a profit, we are comprised of freedom-loving citizens, auditors, attorneys, and others who believe that information is power in the hands of free citizens.

Always record your encounters with police, and remember this sentence: "I don't answer questions."

Welcome to Wiki Five-0!